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Production diary: Aluminum profile LED light for indoor lighting


Production diary:  Aluminum profile LED light for indoor lighting
    Over the years, aluminum profile LED light is still the favorite in the market, it gives off uniform light and it has a very good linear effect. It is very suitable for lighting design applications, Aluminum profiles are professionally designed to suit a variety of specific applications, it cover with a PC layer that make the light more softens, at the same time to protect LED from environmental interference. Aluminum profile is very beautiful appearance, the product is strong, practical, and it is very simple installation, rigid strip is very popular with customers, can also give designers a lot of design inspiration. After continuous upgrading, there are more than 300 types of aluminum profiles to choose from.

This is a special-shaped model, our number is: GY-ALU-184, it uses 5mm wide led strip light as the light source, can hide the lamp body in the wall or wood, 45 degrees light Angle to make it shine on the wall.  Its length, voltage, color temperature can be customized, welcome to consult the latest product information. 

Aluminum Profile LED light is traditional LED lighting, it made by specially designed aluminum profile, with ordinary rigid strip or flexible led strip, to make it become a kind of new functional lighting products. Aluminum Profile rigid strip light is often use for cabinet lighting, counter lighting, jewelry display, closet lighting, etc.

Guoye Optoelectronics is a professional LED strip manufacturer. We focus on LED strip light, led neon flex research and development, production, and sales. OEM customization is one of our advantages. Our Company provides technical customization for clients. Customers contact with our salesman through E-mail or online method, and put forward customization requirements, including all parameters of strip, voltage, color, length, cable or connector, and so on. Our sales provide and confirm feasible plan, and it can be produced as required.