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  • Aluminum Profile LED light is traditional LED lighting, it made by specially designed aluminum profile, with ordinary rigid strip or flexible led strip, to make it become a kind of new functional lighting products. Aluminum Profile rigid strip light is often use for cabinet lighting, counter lighting, jewelry display, closet lighting, etc.


  • According to the customer's demand for light color, our company designs a high density 120 leds per meter RGBW led strip light. It uses an engineering working voltage of 24V and is set to a working power of 24W per meter approximately. The width of the led strip light is 12mm, and using a 3 ANSI pure copper double-sided circuit board. Achieve very good results in lighting effect.


  • LED neon light with W12*H20mm used a lot in engineering lighting projects, It can be made to single color, double CCT color, RGB, RGBW, magic RGB with IC and other different colors. In response to more and more customer requirements, development upgrade into a seamless integration tail end plug is a very good choice. Seamless integration tail end plug has the same dimensions on the whole body, it has the advantages of more beautiful appearance and more suitable installation.


  • The biggest difference between led lights and cob lights is their light source.


  • 1. The shape of LED light strip is like a soft strip, which is very soft and can be curled at will. Installation can be arbitrary modeling, do not use can be folded, easy to clean up.


  • Light-emitting diodes are called leds for short. It is made of gallium (Ga), arsenic (As), phosphorus (P), nitrogen (N) and other compounds.